Finished! Sailor moon charms and bow.
Sailor Moon inner senshi on one thigh, outers to come on the other thigh.
Another belle piece started today.
Vaporeon! Poke-tat.
Starts to a pretty gypsy head
Very excited to color this. Sailor moon charm chain/brooch started today!
ifitburnsyou: ok you really need to tag your line work as porn because that's how good it is. you're lines are absolutely flawless and I love love love your Disney and Sailor Moon pieces! do you have any line work advice for someone who draws? I like to draw tattoo style sort of drawings, but my lines are often all over the place. thanks! xx

Haha, I really appreciate that- linework is so important to me! I grew up as an aspiring illustrator/animator and spent a lot of time forcing myself to slow down and pay attention to detail. If the lines of your work are dynamic and interesting, it makes the whole piece that much more appealing to look at. My advice- use a few different size pens to line one drawing with. It’s way more fun, takes a little more time, but the end product looks so much better! Thanks again for checking out my work :)

Mar 28 / 7 notes
Started line work on a Beauty and the Beast thigh piece today, can’t wait to start color.
Little 4x6” painting I finished yesterday, a sailor moon brooch because why not? SOLD