acidddreams: I've been such a huge fan of your work! I follow you on Instagram and you are such an inspiration to me. I just bought a tattoo gun and have done a couple tattoos. Do you have any good advice for aspiring tattoo artists like me?

Firstly, thank you for the kind words- I’m flattered to be an inspiration to anyone. My advice to you is very important: put the tattoo machine down, and stop doing tattoos until you have a mentor and an apprenticeship. Getting a job as a tattoo artist takes hard work, dedication, hundreds of hours drawing and tracing, and a proper education on how to carefully use and maintain a machine. When you buy a “gun” and start tattooing people on your own, with no apprenticeship, you’re simply telling everyone that you don’t care enough to do it the correct, safe, and responsible way, (which is not exactly the way you’d want your potential customers to view you, right?) I hope if you genuinely want to be a licensed and respected tattoo artist someday, you’ll take my advice and seek a professional apprenticeship from a licensed tattoo shop. Good luck!

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Prints of “Moon’s Burden” is available now in my Etsy shop! etsy.com/shop/thebunnymachine
work on a final fantasy sleeve. Can’t wait to finish!
Baby Finn. Done yesterday!
stayhated: What's your instagram? I have a friend in rva that's looking for a new artist.

My Instagram name is bunnymachine :)

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Finishing up a sailor moon painting that I’m super happy with…I’ll be offering prints very soon!
bbcforall2see: Where can I buy your art work from ? I would really like to purchase some as well as have work done by you on myself

You can email me directly to discuss artwork commissions, at thebunnymachine@gmail.com

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Start of a painting
Finished this pokemon painting commission, FINALLY- now, on to the next one.
Fun one done a little while ago, Roxanne from A Goofy Movie!